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Wolf started to take shape at the beginning of 2010 as a postproduction "boutique" company, when several artists with over fifteen years' experience in some of the most renowned postproduction houses in Argentina (such as Cinecolor and Che Revolution Post) decided to go their own way. Making the most of the forever changing field as well as of the talent of its artists, Wolf soon found its own place working on audiovisual pieces with plenty of visual effects. As a company, we are constantly facing new challenges. We always try to get involved in each project as early as from the preproduction stage and to work on the scripts as well as on our clients' proposals in a collaborative manner. The diversity and experience of our work group put us in a privileged position to deal with all sorts of projects, such as local commercials, international advertising campaigns, videoclips and movies.


What We Do

Our main field of expertise is visual effects, which contribute to putting the pieces together without being the main character in a piece of work. We always think that we have made a good job when the audience has a hard time distinguishing what has been shot from the visual effects. We always try to approach a piece in the least destructive way. We are like that great secondary character whose performance is essential to grasp the message conveyed by the film. We are mostly specialized in chroma keys, matte painting, skin and hair beauty, crowd multiplication, CG crowd simulations, fluids simulations, fumes, particles, pack shots 3D, CG objects/characters, stereoscopic 3D, CG interfaces, high-end compositing and color correction.


How We Do It

Wolf has two spacious online, conforming and color rooms to allow our clients to work together with the artist in a fast and dynamic way. We also have additional rooms, where the 3D/CGI department, the waiting lounge and the meeting room operate. Each of the rooms has excellent natural and artificial lighting, as well as big windows and balconies.


Our Clients

We have worked for Diesel, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, LG, Arcor, Nestle, Unilever, Claro, Personal, Clarín, Cablevisión, Fibertel, Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Fernet 1882, among others. Additionally, we have worked on videoclips for music bands, such as Babasónicos, Poncho, Romeo Santos and Tan Biónica.


Where Are We

Wolf is located in Colegiales, in the City of Buenos Aires, in a very remarkable corner. The facade of the building has been painted by Gualicho, a local muralist.


CONTACT US      Tel: +5411-45556444

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